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  • Dealing With A Flood? Why You Need Water Damage Mitigation

    17 March 2022

    If your home has flooded, you might think that you need to start with the restoration right away. However, that's not necessarily the case. Depending on the severity of the flood damage, you may need to start with mitigation. If you're like most people, you might think that water damage restoration and water damage mitigation are the same things, but they're not. Water damage mitigation involves the initial cleanup that needs to be performed prior to the restoration services.

  • How Do You Fix a Drywall Ceiling That's Sagging Because of Water Damage?

    16 March 2022

    When a leak causes water to accumulate above a drywall ceiling, it will begin to sag. Drywall is porous, so it will absorb water. As it absorbs water, it becomes heavier, and the weight of the water-saturated drywall causes it to sag. A sagging drywall ceiling is a serious problem, since it will eventually collapse if the drywall continues to absorb water. If you notice that your drywall ceiling is sagging, you need to find and fix the leak as soon as possible.

  • 3 Ways Cold Weather Can Damage Your Brick Chimney

    15 March 2022

    The winter months can wreak havoc on your chimney and cause a variety of issues throughout the year. If you've noticed cracks or sagging in your chimney, it's a good idea to have your chimney inspected by a professional mason. The best time to inspect for chimney masonry repairs is in the spring when the weather has improved. The inspector will be able to determine if you need masonry repairs, and if so, they will provide you with a written estimate.

  • 3 Reasons To Have Your Cracked Smartphone Screen Replaced

    11 March 2022

    If you have a smartphone and the screen has developed a crack, you are going to want to get that replaced as soon as possible. Too many people make the mistake of assuming that they can just ignore the crack and that nothing will come of it. Instead of following their lead, you are going to want to consider having your cracked screen replaced. Here are some of the reasons why you really want to get that done:

  • Reasons to Use a Local Handyman Service for Your Next Maintenance or Repair Issue

    9 March 2022

    Do you have something around the house that needs to be fixed? Have you not been keeping up with regular maintenance like your electrical system or plumbing and want to get back into the habit of checking up on these things? Instead of calling a specialized service or trying to do it all yourself, one other option you might not have considered to this point would be to contact a local business that offers handyman services.

  • 4 Compelling Reasons To Call A Roofer To Replace Your Damaged Roof

    9 March 2022

    If you plan to replace your damaged roof, the whole project can be quite daunting, especially because there is more to roof replacement than what meets the eye. It may not be advisable to attempt a roof replacement as a DIY project. Here are four primary reasons why hiring a roofer to take on your roof replacement project is a step in the right direction. 1. Professional Point of View

  • Choosing Epoxy Floors For Different Flooring Situations Throughout The Home

    8 March 2022

    Home epoxy flooring offers a long-lasting, durable, and cost-efficient alternative to porcelain and ceramic tile. With its low maintenance properties as well as its resistance to chemicals, humidity, and staining, many homeowners are turning to epoxy floors in their kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. There is no one type of epoxy that is right for everyone. However, there are many different situations in which home epoxy flooring can create the look you want in your home while providing you with numerous benefits over other types of flooring.