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Dealing With A Flood? Why You Need Water Damage Mitigation

by Bernice Stanley

If your home has flooded, you might think that you need to start with the restoration right away. However, that's not necessarily the case. Depending on the severity of the flood damage, you may need to start with mitigation. If you're like most people, you might think that water damage restoration and water damage mitigation are the same things, but they're not. Water damage mitigation involves the initial cleanup that needs to be performed prior to the restoration services. If you're not sure that you need mitigation services, read the list provided below. You'll find three services that water damage mitigation will provide you with. 

Secure the Premises

If your home is uninhabitable after the flood, you need to worry about security. Now that your home will be vacant during the repairs, there's a chance that it might fall victim to criminal activity. This is especially true if you don't take special precautions to secure the location. A water damage mitigation service will handle that for you. Your mitigation service will board up the windows, secure the doors, and arrange to have a temporary fence installed around the perimeter of your home. That way, your home will be safe and secure during the mitigation process. 

Extract the Water

When it comes to recovering from a flood, the first thing you need to do is extract the water. You might think that you can remove the surface water, but you need to go even deeper. That's where water damage mitigation comes into the picture. With mitigation services, water is extracted deep down below the surface. This includes the water that might be in the floors, as well as the water that might be in the drywall and wood. As part of the mitigation process, your home will be thoroughly dried once all of the water has been extracted. 

Remove Materials

If you're cleaning up after a flood, you might think that you can start the restoration process once the water has been removed. However, that's actually not the case. Before you can begin the restoration process, you need to remove any of the material that was exposed to water. A water damage mitigation service will remove all of the affected materials. Once the materials are removed, your home will be cleaned and disinfected to prevent mold growth. 

Don't take chances with your flood recovery. If your home has been damaged in a flood, contact a water damage mitigation service as soon as possible.