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Triumph Restoration, Inc. performs both new and restoration work in the greater Chicago area.  We specialize in helping clients solve water infiltration problems.

Our clients include General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Building Owners, Facility Managers and Property Managers.


Our expertise as contractors and consultants in the areas of Joint Sealants, Curtain Wall, Aluminum Doors and Windows, Interior Glass & Glazing, and Masonry and Concrete Repairs provides us with a solid foundation to determine solutions to building envelope issues.

We are a Union shop employing Bricklayers (Local 21), Caulkers (Local 52), and Glaziers (Local 27).

Featured Project: Navistar Corporation, Lisle, IL For detailed project information, click here For

New Construction Services

Joint Sealants

Aluminum Doors


Aluminum Windows

Glass & Glazing

Glazed Curtain Wall

Glass Railing and Staircases

Glass Canopy

Restoration Services

Window Repairs and Restoration

Glazed Curtain Wall Restoration

Joint Sealant Restoration

Concrete, Masonry, and Stone Repairs

Specialized access for difficult
to reach work areas

Custom Joint Sealant Extrusion Installation

Inspection & Testing of Existing Conditions