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How To Fix A Commercial HVAC System Not Working Efficiently

by Bernice Stanley

Your commercial building relies on an HVAC system to maintain proper temperatures inside. This system can suffer issues over the years. If you're currently dealing with inefficiency problems, here are some resolutions you might look into.

Repair Damaged Ductwork

The ductwork is something your HVAC system uses to transport cool and warm air throughout your building. If this ductwork ever gets damaged, it can be severe enough to affect the efficiency of the system. In that case, you'll need to inspect this ductwork thoroughly.

You need to see where there are structural issues where air leaks out. Once you find these damaged areas, you can fix them with patch kits. They'll include all of the necessary materials you need to seal up the structural issues and keep the air inside the ductwork going forward. That should help your HVAC system work efficiently again.

Fix Drafts around the Building

If you have an older commercial building, then there might be areas that have drafts. Then when you run an HVAC system, cool and warm air escape your building and cause the system to work harder than it's supposed to.

If this is happening to your building, you need to repair drafty areas as quickly as you can. They might be around the windows and doors of your commercial building, especially if it's pretty old. You just need to use quality sealants that eliminate gaps entirely. Then you shouldn't have an overworked HVAC system to worry about.

Consider a Replacement if the HVAC System is Old

If the HVAC system in your commercial building is just old, then this might be the real reason why you're not getting the energy efficiency that you're looking for. Unfortunately, there aren't any major repairs you can complete to fix this issue.

Instead, you'll just need to find a replacement when you have the financial means to do so. You can get a new HVAC system that's way more energy efficient compared to the old model, saving you from worrying about the costs of keeping the system running in your commercial building throughout the year. 

If you have a commercial HVAC system that's not working efficiently anymore, you need to troubleshoot possible issues right away. Then you can find out what's going on and narrow in on the right repairs/resolutions that restore the performance of the system. Then you won't have to waste your money to keep the system running.

To learn more, contact a commercial HVAC repair service in your area.