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Four Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing In Your New Home

by Bernice Stanley

Most homes have experienced a flood in their basements at some point and this is just a common thing to expect with a basement because it's underground and water seeps into foundations. This is why basement waterproofing exists in the first place. However, a newer home may look like it's already prepped and primed against basement leakage simply because it's new.

You don't want to wait until you have your first major rainstorm or another foundation issue on your property to get a basement waterproofing contractor to come to your home. Here are four signs you need basement waterproofing in your new home.

Your basement has not been waterproofed already 

Call your basement waterproofing contractor if you have not already had your basement waterproofed. Even if you don't live on a slope or even live in a noticeably wet area and have more sandy soil on your property, it's better to be precautionary. A waterproofing coating is usually placed on your bare basement walls and floors, and then another barrier can be placed on the exterior of your home to keep the basement safe.

Your home has no drainage system

If your home doesn't have a french drainage system or gutter system to help draw excess water away from your home, you may be at risk of water damage in the future. All that water will go to the basement, so get basement waterproofing done.

Your home has flooded before

If your basement has flooded once before, it is likely to flood again. Don't assume it's just a fluke or related to a heavy storm if your basement floods. It shouldn't flood at all, and if you don't get waterproofing done in your basement, it can happen again.

Your basement waterproofing contractor will ventilate the space to make sure it's dry before performing waterproofing services for you. They may even be able to determine how your basement flooded in the first place so you can prevent future flooding.

Your home is at risk of flooding

If your new home was built in or near a flood zone, it's at risk of flooding. Even if the risk of flooding is low, it's wise to have basement waterproofing done. The service is much cheaper than having water repair damage done, so call your home insurance company and ask them for a referral to a basement waterproofing specialist. Let your home insurance also know when you have had the service completed so they can note your account.

For more info, contact a company like ACCA.