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Construction Undercarriage Parts: Maintenance Tips That Will Prove Instrumental

by Bernice Stanley

If you use equipment on a construction site, such as dozers and excavators, then one of the most important aspects to maintain is the undercarriage. It's the area underneath the machinery, which can include components like a track and axles. If you want to keep the undercarriage portion of construction equipment in sound shape with ease, take a look at this maintenance guide.

Perform Daily Inspections

One of the best habits you can develop for the well-being of a construction machine's undercarriage is to perform daily inspections. You need to see what condition the undercarriage is in each day so that you can verify there aren't any red flags, such as corrosion and parts out of alignment.

This type of inspection frequency will keep problems — however minor — from going unchecked and then causing more expensive issues later on. Just remember to be thorough each time you perform these daily inspections on the undercarriage portion. You might also create an inspection checklist to ensure no component is neglected. 

Remove Debris Often

After you use construction equipment, the undercarriage may have debris collected. You don't want to leave them here though because it can lead to premature wear and tear, costing you a lot to fix on a regular basis. Instead, you want to remove this debris as often as you can. 

You can subsequently keep the track clear and other components in optimal condition for a long time. You don't even need special equipment for this undercarriage cleaning. Some shovels and a pressure washer, for instance, might be all you need to remove debris from the undercarriage in an effective manner.

Don't Use Construction Equipment Beyond Its Intended Application

Whether you plan to use an excavator or mini-dozer, this equipment will have an intended use and it's important that you comply with it at all times because this can help you maintain the undercarriage portion with ease.

For instance, if your mini-dozer is intended for specific surfaces, you want to stay around them to keep the undercarriage in great condition year after year. You'll just need to consult with your construction equipment manufacturer to learn as much as you can about the intended use and how it relates to undercarriage parts.

Construction equipment can help your company complete a lot of practical tasks. You just need to pay attention to proper undercarriage maintenance because the right routines can keep damage from happening. Then you can rely on the same undercarriage parts for years and years.