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5 Signs That Your Commercial Steel Door Needs Repair

by Bernice Stanley

Steel doors are commonly used in commercial buildings because they are durable, fire resistant, and reduce break-in threats. To ensure the doors continue to serve well, it's important to know when to call in for repairs.

1. Grinding Hinges

Hinge failure can be more than a nuisance. If the hinges aren't working properly, the door can fail to open easily or even close completely — which can be a security risk. Often hinge issues are first apparent from a grinding or creaking noise when you open and close the door. In many cases, a door repair service can fix them by cleaning out and lubricating the hinges, although in some cases replacing the hinges entirely is necessary. 

2. Misalignment

Over time, a door can come out of alignment with the door frame. When this occurs the door may stick in the closed position, be difficult to push shut all the way, and there might be light or air gaps between the frame and the door. Not only is it a pain to struggle with a steel door, but a misaligned door can also be easier to break in through or it may stick shut during an emergency. Fortunately, the issue can usually be fixed with repairs to the frame and readjustment of the hinges.

3. Security Concerns

Older steel doors may not be up to modern security standards. The location and type of hinges, for example, may make them easy for an intruder to remove. Old door frames that are made of wood or that have become bent can make it easy for a thief to force the door open. Even outdated locking systems could be a concern. Your repair contractor can update all of these features on your door.

4.  Mechanism Failure

Many commercial doors have automatic closing mechanisms, and in some cases, the steel door may be on a fully mechanized opening and closing system. The doors can be too heavy to use easily if the mechanisms fail, and in the case of a fire door, a failed automatic closer could be a fire code violation. A repair tech can assess the issue and then take steps to fix the door operation mechanisms or replace them with new ones. 

5. Severe Damage

Dents, gouges, and panel damage may at first just look like a cosmetic problem. Unfortunately, the steel used for commercial doors is only rust resistant as long as its durable surface coating is intact. If your door has suffered damage, then a repair technician can pop out the dents and creases and then reapply the protective coatings and paint to ensure rust won't be a problem. Plus, the door will look better.

Contact a commercial steel door repair service if you suspect any issues with your doors.