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Repairs Your Refrigeration Truck May Need If It's Not Maintaining Temperature

by Bernice Stanley

Refrigeration trucks obviously need to stay cool in order to do their jobs. So if your refrigeration truck is no longer staying cool, you will need to get to the bottom of what's wrong. Usually, this means taking the truck to a specialized repair shop that works on refrigeration units. They'll examine the truck and figure out what the heart of the problem is. Here are a few of the most common repairs refrigeration trucks need when they're not maintaining temperature.

Gasket Replacement

This repair is very simple, but it makes a big difference in how cold the truck remains. Most refrigeration trucks have numerous rubber gaskets along the doors and vents. If these gaskets become worn, they can start to peel away. Sometimes, a whole gasket may fall off without you realizing it. This happens most often along the base of the backloading door. Without a proper gasket in place, the truck will generally start leaking cold air, and it will struggle to maintain temperature. Luckily, replacing the gaskets is an easy job; the repair people will just tear the old gaskets out and slide some new ones into place.

Refrigerant Leak Repair

Another possibility is that the refrigeration coils in your truck are leaking coolant. If a little coolant seeps out, the coil won't be able to generate enough cold to keep the truck at your desired temperature. A refrigeration truck repair shop will check for coolant leaks, either by looking for drops of colored fluid or by measuring the pressure inside the coil. If they do find a leak, they will repair it and then top off the coolant. This should fix the problem and allow your truck to get cooler again.

Faulty Sensors

Refrigeration trucks typically have several sensors. One will sense the temperature in the cargo compartment of the truck and turn the refrigeration unit on, if needed. Another will sense when the temperature is reached and turn the cooling off again. If these sensors fail, your truck's refrigeration may not kick on at all. A repair shop can test each of the sensors, figure out which one is at fault, and replace the sensor that's not performing.

If your refrigeration truck is not maintaining temperature, then you need to take steps to address that. Talk to a repair company near you, such as DFW Reefer Repair, and see whether they can detect any of the problems discussed above.