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Seven Reasons Why You Frequently Need Foundation Repairs

by Bernice Stanley

Many of the common causes of foundation repair needs are preventable. It's important to know why your foundation is frequently damaged and in need of repairs so that you can prevent repair needs in the future.

The following are seven reasons why you frequently need foundation repairs. 

You have trees growing too close to your home

Your landscaping can have a big impact on the condition of your foundation. Tree roots and others types of roots that grow close to your home can put pressure on your foundation. 

Frequent damage to your foundation could be caused by vegetation that's growing too close to your home's perimeter. You may be able to prevent future foundation repair needs if you pull out vegetation near your home's perimeter and avoid planting trees or bushes too close to your home. 

Irrigation features in your yard are causing water damage to your foundation

If you have sprinklers or other irrigation features in your yard, it's important to position them carefully to avoid damage to your foundation.

Irrigation fixtures that saturate the ground close to the perimeter of your home can cause moisture damage to your foundation. Moving sprinklers away from your home's perimeter can therefore protect your foundation from damage and the resulting repair needs.

Concrete fixtures on your property are directing runoff into your foundation

If you have concrete fixtures in your yard such as a driveway or sidewalks, you need to make sure that they're not channeling runoff against your foundation.

Concrete fixtures should slope away from your home and prevent standing water around your home's perimeter. Otherwise, water can seep into your foundation and cause damage over time. 

Your downspouts are channeling rain runoff into your foundation

Many homeowners don't realize how severely their gutters and downspouts can damage their foundation if they are not positioned properly. Downspouts need to direct rainwater well away from your home's perimeter or the condition of your foundation can suffer over time. 

You don't have a French drain system installed

Having a French drain system installed on your property is one of the best things you can do to prevent the need for frequent foundation repairs.

French drain systems keep water away from the foundation of a home. They are installed underground so that they move pooling moisture away from your home without impacting the appearance of your yard. 

You're not having your foundation inspected often enough

Routine foundation inspections allow you to address minor damage promptly so that it doesn't lead to large scale foundation repair needs. 

Plumbing fixtures in your home aren't in good shape

Malfunctions of your plumbing system can make water damage to your foundation a common occurrence. Keeping your plumbing fixtures properly maintained can therefore prevent foundation repair needs as time goes on.